Find a local window cleaner

The easiest way to find a window cleaner in your area through our website is to use our search box below. The Window Cleaner Directory will help you find a residential or commercial cleaning service in most areas of the UK. Our comprehensive list of window cleaners are compiled from companies who mainly specialise in window cleaning but may also provide additional cleaning services such as gutter clearing, driveway cleaning, solar panel cleaning and other external cleaning services.

Choosing a window cleaner

When choosing a window cleaner service the obvious first step is to find one who operates in your area. But there are other things you may want to consider first before you decide on which one to choose.

Service charges may be your prime consideration. When comparing window cleaning services you may find that the fees they charge are quite varied. How much will your cleaning budget allow for keeping your windows cleaned on a regular basis?

Most window cleaning companies would prefer a regular customer, but some are prepared to carry out a 'one-off' clean. However, if your windows have not been cleaned for a long period of time you may find that you will need to pay extra due to the extra work involved in removing the sticky grime that has built up.

Another thing to consider is whether you prefer your windows to be cleaned in the traditional way, using a mop and squeegee, or whether you prefer the more modern method of cleaning using the telescopic water fed pole system, where cleaners work from the ground without relying on ladders. This method provides extra privacy and there is less risk involved to the window cleaner. Health and safety regulations now recommend that, where possible, ladders should not be used for working at height. However, there are many window cleaners who still provide this method of cleaning.

To the customer, the main difference is that the traditional window cleaning method uses less water and there will be little spillage, whereas the water fed pole method of cleaning uses more water (purified water so more environmentally friendly) and leaves the windows wet to dry naturally. But the new method means the windows generally stay clean longer. Companies that use the WFP system also tend to include the cleaning of the window frames and sills at no extra cost.

Other things you might want to take into consideration include whether they have public liability insurance against accidental damage and how long they have been in business. You may not want to use a company that has not been around very long with no reputation. But a new business doesn't mean that they will not provide a professional service. If they have committed thousands of pounds to buying new equipment and a sign written vehicle, you can be fairly sure they will be committed to building up their reputation with a good, reliable and quality service.